You will most assuredly want to mentally prepare for when Natasha opens the dungeon door to her dark sadistic desires. "Man up" is the operative phrase and it is never more relevant than when submitting your lowly self to her ministrations for discovering a male’s inner masochist. You’ll need stuff in order to comply with her mandate: thick butt plug, plenty of lube, clamps, beating stick and high thresholds for suffering and torment. This Queen’s S&M adventure for you promises to be "pleasurable, sinful and addictive" but do not underestimate her. For as you hump fist while abusing your own flesh, she will hold your gaze for 13 minutes as she slides one hand around your nuts and the other into your brain taking control. This custom is a wild ride on the train of hurt with Natasha as fierce, uncompromisingand beautiful as you’ve ever seen her. Serious fans of sadism and domination will adore this clip.

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